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Ketchikan is a unique, island community on the southern tip of Southeast Alaska. Visiting Ketchikan is an unparalleled experience marked by arts, culture, connection to the outdoors …and yes, rain. The nearly 13 feet of annual rainfall creates a breathtaking evergreen landscape along mountains that jet out from the sea. Year in and year out, the salmon find their way back into our local streams, bringing with them an array of sea life including seals and seagulls. Ketchikan Creek—right in the heart of this bustling fishing community— is one of the rare places to experience the blending these two worlds.

To truly understand the magic of our community, we highly recommend watching at least one of six award-winning films produced by the Ketchikan Visitor’s Bureau.

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Staying at the Inn at Creek Street means you’re within walking distance of all the best restaurants in Ketchikan. The New York Cafe (pictured above). In addition to providing an impressive Alaska beer selection, they are devoted to offering interesting, fresh, and quality food. For these reasons—and because they serve the best coffee in town—this restaurant is our favorite.

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Perhaps it’s because of our 170+ days of rain, Ketchikan fosters a robust arts culture. In fact, it was ranked as one of the top 100 small arts communities in the nation. And Creek Street houses a fantastic collection of locally-owned shops that offer many of these uncommon goods.

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things to do

For a town of 14,000, there are a surprising number of activities. From taking a flight-seeing tour to the Misty Fjords (recommended!) to simply strolling through town with the complimentary walking tour, there is truly something for everyone. The link below takes you to the Ketchikan Visitor’s Bureau, a wonderful curation of local activities, experiences, and other notable facts about the community.

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experience the outdoors

While it’s great to experience the local scene and culture of the community, the supreme way to get to know our community is by spending time outdoors and hiking through our stunning rainforests. There are dozens of accessible trails and hikes on the island. Our favorites include “Dude Mountain,” “Salvage Trail,” and “Ward Lake.” For a comprehensive list of available trails click on the button below.