arriving via the airport

Ketchikan's airport is located on an island across the channel from town. You'll be taking an airport ferry across the channel over to the Ketchikan side—there is a small fee ($6 per adult) and takes about 5 minutes. The ferry runs every half hour and leaves the airport side on the hour (:00) and half hour (:30). Please note there is a long ramp to the bottom of the ferry landing as well as one on the other side—there are complimentary carts available to help carry your luggage should you need them. Once you arrive on the "town side," you can either take a taxi or our hotel van will come and pick you up—free of charge. If you would like to utilize this shuttle service, we recommend calling from the airport before you get on the ferry (this will give us time to drive to the ferry landing and you won't be out in the elements waiting for us to arrive). There is a direct dial phone in the baggage claim area that you may use to reach us free of charge.

If you are renting a car, you’ll find guest services located at 133 Stedman Street—a three story pink building at the mouth of Ketchikan Creek; just north of the red bridge along Stedman Street.

arriving via the amhs ferry

The Alaska Marine Highway Service is a breathtaking way to travel to and from Ketchikan. Occasionally, your arrival and departure times occur outside our normal shuttle service hours (7:30 am and 10:00 pm). If your arrival time lands outside these hours our staff will still pick you up, however we charge a $25 late check in fee. Please contact our staff prior to your arrival to arrange this service.

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